Kayak - Large, single- canary yellow (958) In Stock Now

Perception Acadia recreational kayak with paddle. Good for flat water and beginner recreational use. Hatch cover fits loosely; waterproof all personal items. Boat responsibly; wear your personal floatation device/life vest, tell others where you are going, and when to expect you back.

Kayak specs:

12' / 370 cm long

27" / 70 cm wide

12" / 70 cm deck height

32" / 80 cm cockpit length

18.5" / 47 cm cockpit width

Flat bottom, hard chine, minimal rocker (recreational)

No bulkheads

Styrofoam buoyancy aides at both ends, please do not remove

Paddle specs:

78.5" / 199 cm legth

right hand control, feathered at fixed angle

recreational weight